Let’s Talk Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT) can refer to anything from IT modernization (for example, Artificial Intelligence) for process optimization (improving operational processes) or to transform the business models. In general, it refers to the use of digital technology to materially evolve or create new business processes. DT includes the networking of actors such as businesses and customers across all value-added chain segments.

Digital transformation is about breaking down the silos and removing the constraints imposed by outdated logic and leveraging technology to create new revenue streams, drive down costs (cost of non-quality, reduce lead time…) and enhance the user experience.

More practically, DT for compagnies is the process of analyzing customer needs (internal or external) and leveraging new technology to improve the end-user experience. End users could be customers or employees, and in MENAPS we always recommend to our customers to consider the opinions of both.

Let’s define these key dimensions:

Through our monitoring and the needs of our clients, here are 3 trends we are currently observing:

Customer Experience:

Working to understand customers in more detail, using technology to fuel customer growth, and creating more customer touchpoints.

Operational Processes:

Improving internal processes by leveraging digitization and automation, enabling employees with digital tools, and collecting data to monitor performance and make more strategic business decisions.

Business Models:

Transforming the business by augmenting product offerings with digital tools and services, introducing digital products, and using technology to provide global shared services.

At MENAPS, we believe that the success of compagnies DT lies first in a clear vision and should be implemented in an incremental way: a sum of small projects whose benefit can be efficiently monitored and estimated.
In fact, a successful DT doesn’t always need a big budget. it’s not linked to a sector or size; the success of such transformation begins with a vision and series of small changes that accumulate until the organization transformation is finished.

At MENAPS, our team can support you to afford your Digital Transformation. Indeed, our experts help you lead your organization to better adapt to change itself. It’s about successfully utilizing new technologies and procedures now, and in the future for most of your company’s leadership and staff to investigate, experiment and strategically employ new technology on an ongoing basis.

Hamdi Chaker – CEO Menaps

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