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Some web trends at Menaps

The place of the web

Do you have any idea how much time you spend using SaaS (Software as a Service) or simply how much time you spend on your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)?

The web is everywhere! And it’s not going to stop there… We’ve all heard of web3. Behind the marketing concept of web3 is a renewed enthusiasm for the web, a new era in which the web is entering.

At Menaps, our technology watch is following these evolutions and we can open the doors of new technologies to our clients thanks to our own incubator and R&D teams.

3 current trends at Menaps

Through our monitoring and the needs of our clients, here are 3 trends we are currently observing:

The Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The future of mobile applications lies in PWAs. PWAs are mobile applications that can be accessed directly via your browser but without the need to download from the application stores (and therefore without generous commissions for Apple and Google…). No need to develop a web version, an IOS version and an Android version of your application, one version is enough!

The API (Interface de Programmation d’Application)

It is a trend that lasts and for good reason! Placing one or more APIs at the heart of the systems Menaps develops allows our customers to keep all the necessary flexibility: need to share data with an ERP or a CRM? Need to develop a new interface based on part of the data? APIs have an incredible potential and allow you to move forward efficiently.

The no-code & low-code

Talking about no-code and low-code is not antagonistic to our development activities, on the contrary! We develop PoCs (Proof of Concept) with low-code solutions. These solutions allow our clients’ needs to mature by putting solutions in the hands of end users quickly and at controlled costs.

Trends and maturity

There have always been trends in the web and even fads that stimulate and feed the web. At Menaps, we follow these trends but we also ensure their maturity. As an illustration, we can define the maturity criteria of a programming language used in the web:

– the community of developers using this language and the progression of this community. Although this may seem trivial, it ensures that our clients are able to find developers at reasonable costs (law of supply and demand)

– the stability of the language, i.e. no major version that overhauls the entirety of the principles initially put in place.

– the vision of the team that develops the language.

The web is a vast and very dynamic universe. The Menaps teams follow these evolutions closely and accompany you so that you can make the most of it. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

François BENSID – Manager Digital Solutions Menaps